Hosting A Site

Carwash ChargerWhile most electric vehicle recharging occurs at home, a growing network of public and workplace charging stations are making PEVs more convenient and reducing consumers’ “range anxiety.” Finding a place to recharge can be attractive for consumers who might be out and about running errands and want to give their batteries a top-off. It can also make a business or location more of a destination for electric vehicle drivers.

Businesses may want to consider several factors when deciding whether to host a recharging location available to the public and what type of equipment it should be, such as:

  • Is space available near an electrical connection?
  • Will a typical user be at the location for a short period of time or several hours?
  • Will the space also be available for company owned vehicles or employee use?
  • Will there be a cost for the charge or will it be offered for free?

These and other factors can influence the best type of charging equipment and installation for each situation and help guide a conversation with installation professionals.