Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley Test Drives a Chevrolet Volt for One Week

On a hot, spring day earlier this month, Clean Fuels Ohio hosted a workplace electric vehicle charging event in Dayton, Ohio. Clean Fuels Ohio was pleased to partner with the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce and their members as well as the BookFactory, a Dayton business that has embraced electric vehicle ownership, and offers EV charging at their place of business.

The event brought out about 50 people from the community. But most exciting was having the opportunity to hand off a 2017 Chevrolet Volt to the mayor of Dayton, Nan Whaley for a one-week test drive. Oh, and by the way, Mayor Whaley is running for Governor of Ohio, so the Mayor was able to put plenty of miles on the Volt as she visited with supporters between Dayton and Columbus.

Clean Fuels Ohio caught up with Mayor Whaley after she completed her test drive to see what she thought.

CFO: So, Mayor, what did you think of the Volt?

Mayor Whaley:
I thought it was great having the car. It drives really quietly. My husband liked it a lot too. We are going to need a new car in a year or so, and after driving around with the Volt, my husband and I are pretty certain this is going to be the car for us.

CFO: Tell me about the driving experience? How many miles did you drive? And how much gas did you have to buy? (NOTE: The Chevy Volt is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, so it runs on gas as well as electricity.)

Mayor Whaley:
The car drove pretty much like any other car – no noticeable differences. During the week, I drove about 30 to 40 miles per day. I did take it to Columbus twice to meet with supporters, and it worked out fine. In total, I think I spent about $17 on gas, which is way less than what I would typically spend, especially given all the driving I did during the test drive week. And really, the only reason I needed to fill up was because of the two Columbus visits.

CFO: How about charging the vehicle?

Mayor Whaley:
Well, unfortunately, I didn’t have a plug accessible at my house for the car. So I wasn’t able to charge at home. But we do have a charging station at City Hall which I used each day. That was convenient enough for my needs. I also used the charging station that is located next to the Dayton Dragons baseball stadium. You know, when it’s nice weather out, you gotta catch a Dragon’s baseball game!

CFO: Any challenges with the ownership experience?

Mayor Whaley:
Really the only thing that was an issue had nothing to do with the car itself…it’s that Dayton needs more charging stations. It’s obviously an issue I’m trying to address as Mayor of Dayton. But we’ve gotten better over the years. We realize that we are nearing the tipping point for electric vehicles, and Dayton will be ready to serve our citizens and visitors.

As a final note, Clean Fuels Ohio would like to thank Mayor Whaley for participating in this test drive experience. As a partner with Midwest EVOLVE, Clean Fuels Ohio is charged with putting electrical vehicles into the hands of people that are respected within their communities so they can promote the EV ownership experience. Mayor Whaley’s test drive achieved our goal, as did the extended test drive that Columbus Blue Jackets assistant coach Brad Shaw participated in back in late April. Coach Shaw test drove the Nissan LEAF.